Minsters' and Mates' retreat

September 21-24, 2017

Westcliffe, co

We are looking forward to the Ministers’ and Mates’ Retreat.  This is a wonderful time of rest and relaxation in the mountains.  All meals and rooms will be provided at Sky Ranch Horn Creek facilities. This year we will be at Sky Ranch Horn Creek in Westcliffe, CO.

Check it out at: www.horncreek.org

Special Speaker will be Tim Stearman  

Please complete the registration form online or fill our and return to the District Office by Wednesday, August 25th.  A follow up confirmation email and additional information will be sent to your email. Because Pastor Jim and the DistrictAdvisory Board feel it is important for every pastor to have an opportunity to attend, the District pays for the rooms and scheduled meals at this event for senior pastors and full-time associates.

During Ministers’ and Mates’ Retreat there will be times you will have the opportunity to use the recreation facilities at Horn Creek.   Most of those activities such a volleyball, bowling ($3/game), tennis, etc will not require additional Horn Creek staff.  But there are a few activities that will require extra staff and also a scheduled time.   If you are interested in the Climbing Wall- $3 for 15 minutes; Alpine Swing- $6/person OR $10/couple; Zip Line-$6/person OR $10/couple; Target Shooting-$6/person they need to be pre-scheduled. Please indicate below if you plan on any or all of these activities.  Please know that any of the activities that cost extra money will need to be paid by the individual and are not covered by the district. 

Please fill out the form below to register for this event.  Must be turned in by August 25th.  


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Please check any additional activities you would like to have scheduled for you. Please note the cost of these activities is not covered by the District. You will pay Horn Creek individually.