Ministry Assessment Weekend RSVP

Dear Church,

Every year we are asked to perform a few different audits for our Health Insurance, the Affordable Health Care Act and also our Long Term Disability insurance we offer to full time pastors.   I am trying to streamline this process so we only ask for these items at one time during the year and not multiple times.  Here are a few items we need back in the District Office by October 15th in order to complete our audits on time and stay in compliance with the companies that supply our insurance. 

1.      Please submit NEW Pastor and Associate Pastor Profiles for EVERY paid Pastoral OR Director staff member in your church.  Even if you have sent one in 3 months ago we need a new one on file.  The form is linked below. 


2.      The BCBS Audit is included in this packet as well.  The information needed is simply the number of employees paid any kind of salary/wages in 2017.  These would be any and all employees who receive a W-2 from your church.  Whether or not these individuals have insurance thru the Kansas District is immaterial on this report-we must have ALL employees accounted for.  Please estimate your projected employment counts for October through December of 2017.


3.      It seems we have had some Associate Pastors/Directors on the district move and the District office was not made aware of these changes.  It is imperative that your church contact the district office at or 316-686-2332 anytime you add a pastor/director OR have a Pastor/Director leave your staff.   When we are not informed we are either not covering someone on insurance as we should be OR the district is paying insurance on a Pastor/Director that is no longer with the Kansas District.  Below is a list of Pastors/Directors we have associated with your church staff. If this is not correct please contact the district office IMMEDIALTY so we can make the necessary changes. 

Thank you for helping us keep our records in compliance with our insurance.  We look forward to getting all paperwork back from your church by October 15th.

Thank you,

Angie Meinke

KS District Church of the Nazarene

1400 E. Kellogg Drive

Wichita, KS 67211